Lubrication of impact crusher

2014-09-07 22:05

Since the friction surface receives much pressure, lubrication is very important to the crusher. The crusher is centrally lubricated with watery oil

There are two routes for the oil to enter the machine, one is through the oil hole at the bottom of the crusher, then to the hollow eccentric shaft surface, bowl-shaped bearing and the big and small gears through 3 separate ways. The other is through the hole in the transmission shaft support, then to the transmission bearing. The return route is a spill hole at the bottom of the small bevel gear and another spill hole in the dust-proof cover.

2). Choose of lubricating oil

(1). In winter, No. 29 or No. 32 machine oil can be used

(2). In summer, No. 50 machine can be used

(3). No. 40 machine oil can be used in normal temperature