Operation and maintenance of jaw crusher

2014-12-15 15:21

1.preparation before start-up

(1)check the lubrication of the bearing; the condition of the toggle, the movable law plate, as well as the contacting condition of the toggle mat in the adjusting base; check there are enough lubricant between the toggle and the toggle mat.

(2)Make sure all the firmware is fastened well.

(3)Make sure the central position of the flywheel and the grooved pulley is correct. The correct position can ensure the lightest vibration of the crusher.

(4)Check whether the transmission belt is installed correct. If there is abrasion on the belt, change it on time. If there is dirt on the belt or grooved pulley, clean it with neat cloth in time.

(5)Check whether the protection device is installed well. If there are any unsafe elements, solve it immediately.

(6)Check whether the adjusting mat is installed correct and well.

2.the start-up

(1)start the machine if the machine and the transmission parts are in good condition;

(2)the machine can only be started in no-loading condition;

(3)if any abnormal phenomenon appears, stop the machine immediately. After the problems are solved can the machine be started.

3.the operation of the crusher

(1)feed the machine when it operates stably.

(2)Feed the machine evenly to avoid overfeeding or unilateral feeding. In normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing should not over 30℃, the highest temperature should below 70℃

(3)Stop feeding the machine before stop the machine. When the materials in the crushing cavity are all discharged, the motor can be switched off.

(4)When the materials in the crushing cavity are blocked to affect the crusher, stop the motor immediately. When the materials are cleared, the machine can be restarted.

(5)When the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate are abraded to a certain degree, they can be exchanged.

(6)After a certain time’s use, the firmware should be refastened.


(1)to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong the machine’s service time, the machine should be oiled regularly.

(2)The quantity of the lubricant to be added should be 50-70% of the volume of the bearing. Change the oil every 3-6 months. When changing the lubricant, clean the bearing with gasoline or coal oil. During cleaning, the oil discharging hole under the bearing should be open.

(3)The lubricant of the machine is decided by the local environment conditions. Normally, calcium based, natrium based and calcium-natrium based oil can be adopted. If the oil is too dry, use the composite of the watery oil and lubricant.

(4)The space between toggle and toggle mat needs lubricating only when assembling and examination.

(5)Common troubles and trouble shooting